The Regional Hospital we see today was formerly was a first Aid and a Concentration Camp for Laborers who were mobilized in this region as well as from the neighboring regions for working in big Sisal and Sugarcane plantations during the colonial Era.

After independence in the 1960s, it was converted into a District Hospital and letter into a Regional Hospital as it is until today. The late Vice President of United Republic of Tanzania and The President of Zanzibar Idrisa Abdul Wakil officially launched it on 26.1.1990.


The Hospital serves as a level II and III facility and receives patients from all districts. Hospital Management Team (HMT) has 15 core members; it is responsible for supervising day to day activities and is chaired by Medical Officer In-charge. There are seven sub committees working under HMT. These sub committees are;

Hospital Therapeutic committee,

Infection Prevention and Control committee

The Emergency Preparedness and Response Team

Maternal Audit Committee

Hospital Disciplinary Committee

Quality Improvement committee

Blood  Bank Committee